Summertime Rolls at 3 Elliott Studio

Some really extraordinary albums and singles being worked on at 3 Elliott Studio this summer, with a host of guest engineers coming through of late. Noted metal engineer and 3E Studio alum Travis Lautenschlager stopped in to work on drum tracking for his newest project last month, while engineer Adam Rich has continued working on mixes with the 6/5 quartet.

Upcoming rapper Michael Holloway finished up mixing with Josh Antonuccio on his newest outing and that album was released just last week.

Composer Ryne Siesky recorded his newest piano piece recently and Ben Leeson of The Crooked Spines is in the midst of his debut album, with producer/engineer Josh Antonuccio at the helm.

We are thrilled to welcome in Chel Hamilton this week, who will be doing some episode recording for her award-winning podcast Meditation Minis.

Lots more news to come, stay tuned!

Josh Antonuccio