The Mighty 2019

2019 has started out with a wide assortment of projects at 3 Elliott Studio. New singles are underway with Columbus OH’s own beloved Radattack, who recently landed a spot on Bunbury Festival. The long-awaited album from Paper Airplane just wrapped up mixing and is coming your way in March. The newest release is a substantial showing from prolific songwriter Ryan Horns, who is planning to release two full albums of material this year. These songs come from the work of producer/engineer Josh Antonuccio and Keith Hanlon of Musicol in Columbus.

The new Wild Honeybees album “You Can Dance” wrapped up mastering as is set for release at their “Mardi Gras” concert in the first part of March in Athens,OH. They will be doing a special interview event on Crossing Boundaries with Bryan Gibson on Tues 2/27 to preview and discuss the album. Check it out!

Engineers Adam Rich and Branson Moody have been working on various projects, with Moody recently finishing up work with Fearless Starlight Band on new songs.

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