3/18 News + Updates

This has been an eventful month for 3 Elliott Studio. The new full-length Doc Robinson album is on the verge of release, while new singles from Hebdo came out, including a stunning cover of Bob Dylan's "You're Going To Make Me Lonesome". Hebdo's newest single "Bone Dry" arrives shortly, a song which may easily be one of the best of his career.  RadAttack's newest full-length is set for release on 4/13 and he has already been hard at work on his newest album, with 4 tracks wrapped up this month. Engineer/producer Adam Rich is in the middle of projects with Seth Alexander and Daniel Spencer. Owner/producer Josh Antonuccio just returned from his 10th SXSW in Austin, TX, taking in the best in new music and getting to hear from the entrepreneurs and leaders shaping the music, film, and technology industries. The highlight was meeting Wes Anderson before the world premiere of his newest film Isle of Dogs

Josh Antonuccio