10/17 - News + Releases

It's been an amazing fall here at 3 Elliott Studio with lots of new releases and albums wrapping up.

Some fantastic new albums have come out in recent weeks, including the newest release Hope on The Concrete from Athens' own Jeremy Cox and The Pen Pals and Speak Bird by The Summoners, an album that showcases the rich songwriting of Liz Pahl and Corbin Marsh, not to mention the brilliant work of rhythm section Matt Box and Bryan Gibson. Check out the new album on SoundCloud. 

Josh Antonuccio is finishing work on the newest singles by WV funk troubadors Pop Friction and completing mixes this week with RadAttack, the genius outfit of Henry Morris. His last single produced at 3 Elliott has been getting a lot of love from CD 102.5 in Columbus.

Adam Rich has been wrapping up work on new releases from Athens' beloved Wolfmen, and their jazz-infused spinoff, the 6:5 Quartet and prepping for new projects later this fall.